• FUCARE and JGB GROUP entered into partnership

    FUCARE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of blast protection solutions, today announced it entered into a distributor agreement with JGB group, a leading industrial distributor of hardware and solutions in Middle-East. With this agreement, FUCARE will further extend the availability of its blast protection solutions in major Middle-East countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar Kuwait ,Iraq and Oman.

    “With the increased safety awareness to the explosion risks due to unpredictable factors, the high-efficient blast protection solutions have been seriously considered not only for the ongoing designed industrial facilities but also the existing facilities. Through the deployment of our world class blast protection solutions such as FC-RBV-11 High Performance Blast Valves, the industrial customers are able to effectively secure the key buildings from damages caused by explosion accidents. Working with well-respected distributors like JGB group allows us to deliver our solution effectively into the Middle-East market, and our product line complements and enhances the strong portfolio of enterprise solutions they currently provide for their customers.”, said ADRIAN XIE, FUCARE’s general manager. JGB has a worldwide team of technology and sales professionals with a strong knowledge of blast protection solutions. This enables them to provide intelligent and insightful advice to customers as they assist their Middle-East clients in deploying, configuring and integrating FUCARE’s solutions within their environments. JGB group’s expertise will allow local customers alike to reap the full benefits and values of FUCARE’s solutions.

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