Krueger representatives, located throughout North America and internationally, are a valuable resource available to assist you with design, application, and product questions, as well as pricing and lead time requests. Their partnership with Krueger offers an intimate understanding of air distribution needs within each market as well as the various solutions that are available.

Krueger’s facility allows us the opportunity to showcase our products as well as perform critical performance testing.

More Details : www.krueger-hvac.com

Product List

  • Diffusers, Grills & Nozzles
  • Air Terminal Unit ( VAV & CAV)
  • Chilled Beams
  • Critical Rooms Filtration
  • Fan Coils/ Blowers
  • Controls
  • Hot Water Coil Valve Packages
  • Single Duct Terminals
  • Dual Duct Terminals
  • Fan Powered Terminals
  • Critical Space Terminals
  • Retrofit Kits & Valves
  • Jet Induction Terminals
  • Bypass / Relief Terminals
  • Air Control Valves

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