Advanced Industrial Components (AIC) Inc. (CANADA) has been manufacturing heat exchangers and heat transfer equipment since 1988. AIC provides heat exchangers to the HVAC, hydronic, power generation, district energy, oil & gas, refrigeration, cryogenic, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, marine, and many other industries. AIC offers a wide variety of heat exchangers from standard plate & Frame, brazed plate, and shell & tube units to high temperature, high pressure, chemically resistant, and custom units.

Product List

  • A-Line Plate & Frame
  • B-Line Shell & Tube
  • B6-Line Shell & Tube
  • E-Line Economizers
  • JAD Line Shell & Coil
  • L-Line Brazed Plate
  • LENS Shell & Tube
  • M-Line Marine Grade
  • P-Line Sanitary
  • PS/PW U-Tube
  • Rex Water Heater
  • TW-Line Titanium

More Details : www.aicheatexchangers.com

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