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The State of Qatar is having one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Qatar is planning to pump billions on infrastructure projects in the near future. Lots of road projects are expected to come up leading to pumping stations and new sewage lines thereby increasing the number of pumping stations. New Cities like Lusail etc being planned in preparation of World cup. These contain world class features and will be a potential market for environmental products.

JGB Trading & Contracting, Qatar, is focused on the needs of the customer and provides a complete, reliable and efficient solution incorporating quality products and services.

The Competition from existing companies in the market and the fact that designers of major projects do project one of their products in the plan itself often leads to the contractor being forced to go for the same brands. JGB Trading & Contracting gives you a variety of choices as a company specializing as Importer, Agent, Sole distributor, Trader and Marketing depending on the needs of the customers or market. The extensive range of products provided include HVAC Equipment, Electro-Mechanical & Industrial Insulations, Pipes, Valves & Accessories catering to the requirements of Industries like Refineries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas Plants, Fertilizers, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles & Cement Companies, Engineering Industries, Construction etc.

JGB Trading & Contracting understands the need to provide an organized complete support to clients, contractors and consultants in job take-off, selections, technical submittals, and quotation proposals for finance, purchase, delivery, and after sale services and support. A talented pool of skilled and experienced engineering and support personnel with a broad base of scientific and technical knowledge in the electro mechanical and building material applications make us capable to supply civil and electro-mechanical needs for major projects.

The company represents reputed manufacturers spread around the world, especially from United States, Europe and Asia in the field of Electro-Mechanical & Ventilation equipment, HVAC accessories, duct accessories, thermal insulation, coatings, sealants and adhesives, waterproofing, bonding agents, construction chemicals, flooring systems, Pipes, Valves and Accessories and other specialized industrial products meant for civil and mechanical projects and special applications to provide quality products and services to major projects and clients in the Middle East.

JGB Trading & Contracting has associated with leading manufacturers and suppliers to enable it to process in house orders as well as commit and expedite early deliveries. Our management team professionals handle the sourcing from manufacturers, order follow up, product inspection, shipping, insurance and documentation. We can efficiently handle any type of industrial and commercial projects and we will assist our clients for any sample requirements from our manufacturers or suppliers that might be needed for submittal and product approval.

We are evolving as a top notch company and are constantly in the process of developing and adding more products, sources & services. We are always open to our valuable customer’s needs and working together we will be able to ensure customer’s full satisfaction and long term mutually beneficial business relationships.

Mission & Vision

To serve Oil & Gas, Power, Water , HVAC sectors including construction industry all over the GCC countries by procuring and supplying quality products manufactured by leading International manufactures.

It is our aim to be the Market Leader of Electro mechanical and plumbing items suppliers.

Our objective being to exceed our customer expectations and to provide a level of service which will ensure future business and prosperity.